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General Insurance Coshocton OH

There are many types of insurance policies that exist to cover a wide range of situations and belongings, from travel insurance to pet insurance to renters insurance. If you believe you need coverage for something that doesn't fall under any of the typical insurance categories, the articles in this section may be able to help you.

Do You Need Identity Theft Insurance? Coshocton OH

No insurance policy can truly prepare you for identity theft. Identity theft insurance does not actually cover you for the monetary loss you suffer from identity fraud. Read on and know more.

Farm Insurance - Insurance Policies for Farm Owners Coshocton OH

Farms are a business. As such, it is smart to ensure them. However, because of the nature of farming (and the unpredictable nature of the business), insurance can be expensive. But in the risky world of farming, a bad year can be all that stands between the farmer and bankruptcy. Therefore, getting insurance for your farm can be critical.

Funeral and Burial Insurance Coshocton OH

With funeral insurance, there is no typical plan. Funeral insurance is specifically designed to provide for the expenses associated with the burial and internment of a deceased loved one. Read on and get more information.

Hole-in-One Insurance Protects Your Golf Course Coshocton OH

Most hole-in-one prizes, particularly ones offered at charity or other fundraising events, are offered on a par-3 hole, since offering it on a higher-par hole would usually discourage participation. Insurance companies calculate the premium of this coverage based on a number of factors, including the cash value of the prize, the length of the hole and the number of attempts allowed to each participant.

Insuring the Not So Usual - Artwork/Antiques/Heirlooms/Collectibles Coshocton OH

Some insurance companies don't have much experience in the realm of art, antiques or collectibles. It may be worth finding an insurance broker who has some experience in this area.

Private Mortgage Insurance Coshocton OH

PMI will cost you money. In most cases, you will pay a monthly premium based on the amount of outstanding mortgage debt. This can add up, so it is not necessarily a cheap alternative to saving up to buy a home. But, it does get you in the market sooner and with housing prices generally on the rise, sooner can be a good thing.

Renters Insurance - HO-4 Coverage Coshocton OH

Jewellry antiques and electronics may only be covered up to a certain amount. If you have some items that are unusually expensive, you may need to purchase a separate rider. If you don't buy that additional coverage up front, you are not likely to be able to recover the damages later in a claim.

RV Insurance Coshocton OH

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are becoming increasingly popular. And why not? You can go where you want to go, without concern for whether there is an airport, train station or bus station. You are free of any schedules except your own. And you can travel to the remotest areas or the biggest hot spots, as long as you can find a place to park your RV.

Travel Insurance - What You Need to Know Before Travelling Abroad Coshocton OH

If your health insurance already covers you for travelling abroad do not buy travel insurance. It's pretty much that simple. Having said that, there are times when you can make use of this product. If your current health insurance does not cover you when you travel abroad, you should be considering coverage.
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