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Frequently Asked Health Insurance Questions Hillsboro OR

If your new employer is not going to provide health insurance as part of your benefit's you will be looking at significantly higher premiums for individual health coverage. Your best bet? Be sure to 'carry forward' your health insurance from your previous job for the full allotted time.

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Frequently Asked Health Insurance Questions

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Health Insurance Questions

Health Insurance - What if I move to another job?
If your new employer is not going to provide health insurance as part of your benefit's you will be looking at significantly higher premiums for individual health coverage. Your best bet? Be sure to 'carry forward' your health insurance from your previous job for the full allotted time.

You are allowed to carry forward health insurance for up to 18 months. While you will be responsible for the full premium health insurance group rates are significantly less than individual rates. It's well worth it.

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Once the 18 months are up you will have to have individual health insurance coverage in place. But, at least you'll have had a price break for 18 months. Just remember that you have some forms to fill in! You can get them from your previous employer's benefit's department. You need to fill them out within 60 days of leaving. If you don't you can be denied health insurance coverage - and your more expensive individual coverage will have to start right away.

Health Insurance - What if I become unemployed?
If you are going to maintain your health insurance benefit's under COBRA, you must fill out the appropriate paper work within 60 days of leaving your job. Otherwise, you may be denied coverage and you'll be looking at the higher individual health insurance premiums sooner.

You are entitled to carry your group health insurance coverage with you to a new job for up to 18 months. This has been legislated under the Congressional Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA. Definitely, ca...

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Oregon State Mandated Health Insurance Coverage

Medical insurance benefits that insurers must provide include: alcohol/substance abuse, acupuncturist, ambulance transportation and services, anti-psychotic drugs, autism, autism spectrum disorder, bilateral cochlear implant, brain injury, breast reconstruction, cervical cancer/HPV screening, chemotherapy, chiropractor, clinical trial (cancer), colorectal cancer screening, contraceptives, dentist, denturist, dependent coverage (including newborns, adopted children, noncustodial children or stepchildren, dependent students/adults, domestic partner and civil union), diabetes (self-management and supplies), emergency room service, facility (public or other), family therapist, hearing aids for minors, HPV vaccine, long-term care, mammography, marriage therapist, mastectomy, maternity (including minimum stay), mental health, nurse practitioner, off-label drug use, optometrist, orthotics, physician assistant, PKU/metabolic disorder, preventive health services, prosthetics, prostate cancer screening, psychologist, smoking cessation, social worker, telemedicine, including services provided in connection with the treatment of diabetes

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